Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What is special about CLI's magnetic drive probe mechanism?

A: CLI's patented design uses powerful magnets and a CLI-exclusive position sensor to drive the transducer in a sector motion. This drive mechanism minimizes moving parts and provides long life for the drive components.


Q: What is the positional accuracy of CLI's probes?

A: CLI's position sensors are located on the top-end assembly. That is, there is no mechanical linkage between the transducer and the sensor, effectively eliminating hysteresis. Further, sensors are "tuned" for each probe to an accuracy of less than ±0.8 degrees. When additional mechanical tolerances are added in, the probe accuracy tolerance typically increases to ±1 degree. With this position-sense system, excellent accuracy and precision are achieved with each probe.


Q: If requested to do so, how do you preserve the confidentiality of your customers?

A: Some of our customers see no value in their end-users becoming aware that their probes are purchased as a complete assembly, rather than made by them. Should this be the case, CLI will keep the origin of the probes confidential. You will notice that there is no customer list on this website. Additionally, we are happy to make custom probe covers (housings) and incorporate other unique elements into the probes to achieve a customer-specific probe identity, rather than just using generic CLI components. Both policies work to keep the origin of the probes from becoming known.

Q: If another design team has designed an ultrasound probe, but wants to contract the manufacturing to a third party, will CLI provide contract manufacturing services?

A: Yes. CLI has been engaged in contract manufacturing since 1994. In doing so, third-party design teams are able to take advantage of our long experience in electromechanical probe and transducer assemblies to help achieve their own success.

Q: Does CLI engage in the design, manufacture, or service of solid-state array probes?

A: CLI provides certain repair services for solid state array probes. Call for details.

Q: Is CLI willing to provide consulting services to other design teams?

A: Yes. This is covered by our Engineering Services group. Please see a sample listing of the consulting work for which we have been engaged in the past by visiting the Products:Engineering Services page of this website.

Q: Does CLI provide probe repair services directly to end users (bypassing the seller of the ultrasound system)

A: As a matter of policy and to assist our customers to maintain appropriate traceability of their probes, CLI does not provide repair services directly to end-users of our probes. Rather, we encourage end-users to effect repairs through the original supplier of the ultrasound system. The only exceptions are when the original system supplier requests that we set this policy aside, or when the original supplier becomes unable to provide the service link to CLI.

Q: Are there any probe platforms at CLI suitable for 3D applications?

A: Yes. The 3500 series was designed to accept a curved array module. The module may be swept through a volume for 3-D data acquisition or stopped to provide conventional 2-D imaging. Please visit Products:Imaging Probes:CLI 3500 for additional information.

Q: I don't see a price list on your website, how do I obtain pricing information?

A: Product pricing is dependent on a number of variables such as purchasing volume, cover design, transducer specification and so on. If you are interested in a price list, please contact us directly. Our contact page lists several ways in which you may do so.

Q: If I order products from CLI, what are the lead-times?

A: Most new products can be shipped in 6-8 weeks. Repair services generally require 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the product being repaired. Although we do not routinely carry stock on our products, small quantities are sometimes available for faster shipment. Please call for availability.

Q: What is your policy concerning product exclusivity?

A: Terms of exclusivity may be available for some CLI products. Of course, customer-owned designs are the exclusive property of the customer.

Q: Does CLI provide repair services for probes not manufactured by CLI?

A: Yes. However, CLI will only engage in the repair of probes for which it has proper documentation and repair procedures. Companies wishing to off-load the repair of their own probe designs, should contact CLI to make appropriate arrangements.

Q: Will CLI customize its products for specific customer requirements?

A: Yes. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Q: What are your terms of sale?

A: Please contact our Financial Manager, Matt Stabley, for terms of sale.

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